5 Signs You Should Invest In Virtualisation

Server virtualisation gives your business additional capabilities for improved performance. Virtualisation allows you a range of adaptability that is simply not possible when you are limited to the physical world of computing. This technology has advanced over the past decade to offer users the maximum benefits of controlled costs, maximised resources, and greater speed, flexibility resilience and reliability. If your business suffers any of the above challenges, read more below for how a server virtualisation strategy can help you.

High Energy Costs and a Large Physical Footprint

Soaring costs due to energy demands and a large footprint can spell disaster for any business. If your business is suffering from high overheads, going virtual with the help of our Auckland IT services can save you big bucks on energy costs, rent, and other operating expenses. Virtualisation means moving from the use of physical servers to virtual ones in the Cloud, thus minimising the number of machines that have to run at your physical location. This means lower equipment costs as well as lower cooling and other related costs, including what you have to pay for housing your servers and equipment maintenance. To top it all off, these big savings can help you redirect funds to other areas that require investment, like expanding your server equipment options.

Going Green

Going green is important in all industries, and many businesses find it challenging to remain competitive while prioritising environmental concerns. Consolidating your servers by way of virtualisation gives you that advantage as a by-product at no extra cost. Virtualisation is a naturally green solution that can help with your company’s environmental compliance and ratings.

Slow and Unreliable Service

Two other major business killers are slow and unreliable service. Today’s world is exceedingly impatient and users are extraordinarily demanding. Server virtualisation is a complete solution for boosting the speed and reliability of your services, two very important factors for business success. When you adopt a server virtualisation strategy, you instantly gain the advantage of being able to provide service on-demand. Instant system provisioning and deployment maximises server capacity and flexibility so you can get new servers for new and expanding client needs up and running in a matter of minutes.

Reliability is also boosted with the capabilities of virtualisation platforms that physical machines simply do not have. For instance, dealing with service outages becomes a thing of the past with virtualisation features like fault tolerance, high availability, live virtual machine and storage migration, and distributed resource scheduling. When disaster does strike, recovery is fast and painless. Virtualisation is not dependent on any single server model or vendor, so recovery hardware and replication sites are cheaper. The virtual environment also provides for automated failover that can instantly test and implement recovery options in real time without the need for any physical installations.