Why choose us over other IT support companies

The choice available when it comes to IT support companies can be a little overwhelming. There are literally hundreds to choose from, so if you’re searching for IT support companies, then you need to choose carefully. While there may be a lot of IT companies in New Zealand, they’re not all the same. You need to find one that has plenty of experience and a good reputation to back it up. The last thing you need is some first year Uni student working from his Mums sewing room.

Revolution IT have the reputation as one of the best IT support companies in Auckland. We have both the experience and skill that make us the best. After working in this industry for more than twenty years, we know the in’s & out’s of the digital world. Our reputation is spread by our long list of satisfied clients. We’ve helped them with their business, so why not yours too?

If you’re just starting up a small business and you need help with the digital side, of things, then give us a call. The world of bits, routers and hard-drives can be a nightmare for those who aren’t familiar with it. Hand the responsibility over to us and we’ll deal with all the stressful computer stuff, leaving you to handle your business. Time is your most valuable commodity, so let us free up your time by handling the digital side of things.

If you’re business is up and running, we can improve your effectiveness and performance. As would be expected of one of the best IT support companies in Auckland, we monitor your computer systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We perform regular system wide check-ups and updates. We make sure everything is running effortlessly, and pre-empt problems before they start to affect you and your business.

Our costs are custom designed to fit you and your company, with fixed cost monthly support plans that are designed to match your personal IT requirements. No matter what size your business or IT infrastructure, we can help.

If computers aren’t your thing, then don’t make them your problem. As one of the most reliable and trust-worthy IT support companies around, we can save you the stress and money at the same time!