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Desktop as a Service

Revolution provides a managed infrastructure and application delivery platform for you to run your software applications from.



Your software applications are enabled on infrastructure within our cloud partners data centres.


This means that all of your software may be delivered to all of your users, wherever they are located, with virtually the same experience that they may have from an in-house system. Your users will see the same software applications on a hosted desktop and will operate in the same way. However, you no longer need be concerned with servers, storage, backups, operating system, security and administration costs.


Virtually any software may be delivered to your users with Revolution Desktop as a Service in Auckland. This includes your line-of-business software, which may be heavily customised, standard applications, as well as custom-built software.

You retain your existing business relationship with your current application software vendor(s). Support is still provided to you by the same application support provider, whether the software is installed “in-house” or is hosted by Revolution in Auckland.


Our team of systems engineers provide infrastructure upgrade services, system monitoring and support 24/7, security filters, data backups and maintains system up-time in excess of 99.9% over the long term as an integral part of the low, per user, monthly fee.


Business Benefits


Reducing the cost of ownership, while enhancing organisational capability, are key drivers behind Revolution’s Hosted Desktop solutions.


The Challenge


Many businesses are hamstrung by ageing legacy infrastructure coupled with rising support costs. The continual release of new desktop software operating systems and applications has highlighted the need to refresh ageing desktop environments. Businesses are also under severe pressure to transform and improve the service they are providing to their own users and customers. At the same time, most IT budgets and resource have been cut as a direct result of budgetary pressures.


The Solution


Reducing the cost of ownership, while enhancing organisational capability, are key drivers, complicating the decisions surrounding the desktop strategy. Organisations need to retain control and provide flexibility to end users. This journey has led organisations towards creating a virtual desktop supported by a collaborative, agile and open IT model, namely technologies delivered as a service.


Revolution’s Desktop as a Service uses proven technology to deliver flexible working, addressing the need for agility and control. Desktop as a Service re-defines the desktop, removing the constraints of existing infrastructure by virtualisation. Using our expertise and economies of scale, move to a simply managed, scalable and secure environment.


The Benefits


Revolution’s Desktop as a Service provides the following business benefits:

  • Enables control of the desktop environment
  • Lowers cost of software delivery to users
  • Greater business flexibility and agility, with the freedom to access each user’s desktop from anywhere, from any place, at any time, from any device with an internet connection
  • Stronger security with Revolution’s enterprise-class security protection and resilience
  • Transforms current in-house IT into state-of-the-art systems, irrespective of company size
  • Flexibility of IT resource with infinitely scalable and dynamic new resource provisioning to cope with growth
  • Easy scalability downwards if staff numbers are reduced, thus lowering costs in direct proportion
  • Ease of management with delegated System Administrator self-service controls
  • Utility-type pricing, only paying consistent and predictable costs, based on actual usage
  • Green computing means lower carbon generation due to flexible user work options, thus reducing travel time which results in less carbon emissions
  • Outsource all or most in-house IT infrastructure and day-to-day desktop management, support and maintenance issues and costs
  • Allows a focus on your business, not activities that cannot create value

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