According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), global spending on public IT Cloud services is expected to approach $100 billion by 2016. Based on this data, it is reasonable to assume that any company that doesn’t take advantage of public IT cloud services risks being left behind by their competition. Why move to the cloud? The majority of businesses are moving to the cloud simply because it makes good business sense. Small to medium sized companies reap even greater rewards since Cloud computing offers them a range of capabilities that previously only larger organisations could afford. Revolution IT has comprised a list of four financial benefits of moving to Cloud IT services.

reducing cost

1. Dramatically reduces and eliminates recurring operating expenses:

Cloud data centres eliminate the need to own and manage servers on your own premises. This reduces on-going operating costs in a wide variety of ways. Obviously the less hardware on your premises means you save on power and cooling costs. The extra physical space can be put to better use. Cloud computing eliminates the need for expensive service agreements and additional onsite IT support staff by reducing the amount of maintenance required. The ability to scale up or down depending upon demand and better hardware utilisation equates to more efficient power use, as idle servers waste untold amounts of energy and money.

2. Zero capital costs through eliminating purchases.

Once your organisation has fully moved its IT operations to the Cloud, you no longer have to purchase servers or storage devices. The need for routers, switches and other communications equipment that supported those servers and storage devices is eliminated. In this Cash is King Economy, the Cloud allows for an improved business system with practically no capital outlay for equipment.

time equals money

3. Speed & Efficiency: Time equals Money

Previously, it took weeks to commission, implement, and configure services. Cloud computing systems are able to get these same services operating within a matter of hours. IT departments can order and configure a new virtual server almost instantaneously, allowing companies to quickly get their product out on the market.

4. Pay-As-You-Go

The Cloud’s pay-as-you-go business model provides organisations with significant cost savings. Essentially businesses can stop paying for unused resources, delay purchases and try out solutions prior to making any commitment, whether it is email, storage or server space.

Since the progression of the Internet, the business world has started to move at warp speed. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses have struggled to keep the pace, as well as assimilate to new technologies. IT Cloud services benefit businesses by improving their operations and communication with clients – all while saving a considerable amount of time and money.

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