Why hire us as an IT company?

If you’re looking for a professional IT company, give Revolution a call. We offer a wide range of IT services that will change the face of your business forever. We offer such services as web hosting, website design and building, IT support, cloud computing hosting, email servers… whatever your business needs, we can help.

Hiring an IT company to take over your IT infrastructure is a valuable investment, not an unnecessary expense. With a monthly support plan, you need not worry about your IT any more, because someone else will handle it. That someone should be us, Revolution IT.

If you are still unsure whether you should hire a professional IT company or not, have a look at our top three reasons for hiring an IT company.

  1. IT support is preventative and proactive
    A professional IT company does more than troubleshooting. First they optimise your IT, then they go on to monitor it 24/7. The result is IT that meets your requirements, anytime, anywhere. If you’re not into IT, then don’t bother getting into it. Hire an IT company that understands the industry intimately and offers you quick solutions to any technical problem.
  2. Continuous IT support saves money
    What’s cheaper – investing in an IT company, or losing out on sales, because your servers are down? Think about it. If you have already experienced down time, you know the answer already. At Revolution IT, we can offer you a fixed, monthly IT support plan to cover you at all times. With one of our supports plans, you can rest assured. We will proactively maintain your workstations and servers around the clock, thus minimising the possibility of something unpredictable happening.
  3. No more stress
    A professional IT company takes away all the stress. From now on, you don’t have to worry about your IT any more. You can completely forget about it. Even if something happens, true IT specialists will have you covered. We know from experience how much stress computer-related problems can cause you and your staff. Having an IT company on board that clearly understands your business requirements can take all the stress out of IT.

Revolution IT is different from the usual IT Companies in Auckland. We’re the experts with a personal touch. We look at your business goals and then figure out how to get you there.

Contact Revolution today, and let us devise a monthly support plan that meet your business requirements and your budget.