Revolution managed services

Revolution Managed Services (RMS) is a comprehensive service which lets you get on with your work whilst we look after your IT.

How it works is, we deploy agents on your workstations, laptops and servers, which report back to us how things are going on your systems. If anything is wrong, we are alerted and can attend to the problem immediately.  This Revolutionary approach is far superior to the traditional reactive “care” model- that waits for the computers system to crash before fixing any problems, resulting in unnecessary downtime and unpredictable repair costs. We fix the problem before you even know it’s there!

We offer different care packages, and like a menu, you can pick and choose from our service offerings to create the perfect IT Support plan of your choice.
From entry level monitored Anti-virus & Malware protection plans, to full “all you can eat” support plans, we are able to tailor our services to suit your business and budget.

Advantages of Revolution Managed Services

  • Convenient monthly payments instead of one large IT Support invoice
  • Remote support via a secured connection
  • Hassle- free computing
  • A 4 hour response time is guaranteed for priority problems
  • Remote support via a secured connection
  • Peace of mind knowing that your IT systems are being looked after constantly by experience staff
  • Discounted hourly rates and pre-paid incident coverage

Revolution Managed Services is the ultimate IT care package. If you don’t know your way around bits and bytes, then why try and figure it all out yourself when something goes wrong? Let us worry about your computers. You have plenty of work to do!