The Easiest Way to get a Virus

The internet is a massive network of knowledge right at your fingertips, but it’s also a dangerous place for your computer. There are tons of hackers and vicious people out there that create viruses that can destroy your hard drive, slow down your internet, and find personal information. The easiest way to get a virus is to not be protected. Another easy way to get a virus is to not understand how viruses find their way onto your computer.

Curiosity Kills the Surfer

If you are on social media or a website and see one of those catchy headlines that tell you to click here and see something amazing or a video you won’t believe, don’t click it. A lot of the time that curiosity will give you a virus and install cookies onto your computer that you just don’t want. The best practice is to be wary of links that you aren’t 100% sure lead to a credible website. The same goes for weird emails and links within those emails – never click on the links as this will almost definitely lead to a virus.

The Alert that you Have a Virus

One of the most frustrating and sneaky ways that a virus can get in is by sending you a fake virus scan alert message. They can mimic a real virus scanner and tell you your computer is infected and that you need to click to scan for the virus. Once you click on the box that says it will scan, it puts the virus onto your computer. If you have a pop up that says you have a virus, run your antivirus software immediately. If the virus prevents you from getting to the software restart your computer in safe mode and you should be able to get it that way. A lot of the viruses you get from the fake virus alerts can be very hard to get rid of.

Trusting Your Antivirus Software too Much

Don’t assume that the antivirus you have running on your computer will always alert you when there’s a threat. You need to be aware that malware can sneak on without your knowledge and routine scans of your computer are important, not just the scheduled ones from your antivirus. If anything looks strange to you then try to figure out if a program has been downloaded to your computer that you don’t recognise – and then get rid of it.

These are some of the top ways your computer can get a virus. When you educate yourself on how they can enter and install onto your computer you will be in a better position to prevent this from happening.