The Importance of Backups And How Revolution IT Can Make It Easy

No one ever thinks data loss will happen to them, and people and businesses continually run the risk of losing their data by having an inadequate backup solution – or worse still, not having one at all. More and more, the fragments of your life and your business exist on disks mounted inside your computer or server—disks that are susceptible to temperature changes, power surges, fire, theft and just plain wear and tear. Hard drives fail – it’s a fact of computing life. It’s not a matter of whether your disk will stop working; it’s a matter of when. The question is how much it will disrupt your life—and it won’t, if you have a robust backup plan in place.

At Revolution IT, we recommend regular backups, and can create a comprehensive backup plan to protect your data from loss. We offer onsite, cloud and hybrid based solutions that can protect your data from potential loss.

What is a File Backup?

A file backup makes a duplicate copy of important files on your computer and stores them on an external hard drive. Some of the types of files you can protect with a file backup include your Microsoft Word and Excel documents, your accounting data file, your music files, and the photographs from your digital camera.

The primary purpose of a file backup is to make it easy to recover these important files no matter what happens to your hard disk or your computer. In fact, a file backup can be used to move your files to a completely different computer.

A file backup allows you to select which files are important to you and only backs up those files. As such, file backups are much smaller and faster than an image backup, and they can be transmitted over the Internet pretty quickly.
At Revolution IT, we can provide you with software that will only copy and backup what has been changed since your last backup operation – reducing backup time from hours to minutes.

What is an Image Backup?

A system image is an exact copy of your hard drive, and at SOHO systems we use software to take a full system image of your server configuration, and then, using special processes, we automate and manage the uploading of your system image to a secure data center to ensure the backup is sound.

The primary purpose of an image backup is to store an exact copy of a system that can be quickly restored if it becomes corrupted or the hard drive is replaced.

Since an Image Backup is an exact duplicate of a hard drive, it can quickly restore a machine to its exact state at the time of the backup. This includes the operating system, the program files, the data files, and the computer settings. If something goes wrong with the back up, we can restore and fix that too.