As of July 29, 2015, Windows 10 is finally here for Kiwis to use. According to Microsoft’s counter, Windows 10 is being installed at a rate of approximately 16 new users per second. Based on these statistics, Windows 10 will be installed on over 1.3 million PCs per day. If you are one of the millions of people who have decided to upgrade to Microsoft’s new operating system then you may have some questions on how to get the most out of what Microsoft is calling its final operating system. Revolution IT has comprised a list of tips on how to make Windows 10 work for you!


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How Much Will it Cost?
Windows 10 Home users can upgrade for free if they were previously using Window 7 and 8.1. The subscription lasts for one year. After that, the asking price for standalone copies start at NZ$167 (US$119). Windows 10 Pro will cost approximately NZ$304 (US$199). Windows 10 Home users who want to upgrade to Pro will be required to pay an additional NZ$151 (US$99).
Is My Hardware Compatible?
If you are already operating Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and your PC is only a few years old, you should have no problem. In order to run Windows 10 successfully, you must have a 1GHz processor with at least 16GB of hard drive space and 1GB of RAM.
Will I Be Able to Use My Software?
Some apps that came pre-installed by your PC’s manufacturer may not be compatible. You may experience some issues with older USB floppy drives when you are upgrading. There are a few variables to consider depending on which version of Windows 10 you are upgrading to – Windows 10 Home or Pro. Your best bet is to click on Windows 10 Specifications site and follow Microsoft’s guide to guarantee a smooth transition.


Personalise the Start Menu
If you are a fan of the Live Tiles, you can simply right-click on any tile and select Resize to change the tile’s proportions. If you find them distracting, you can right-click and select Uninstall to permanently delete them or Unpin to hide them from your screen.

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Customise Cortana
It is important to note that Cortana is not automatically set up to listen for commands. By selecting the Notebook icon in the left-side options pane, you can open Cortana by clicking the search field in the taskbar. This allows you to make verbal requests. You can control what Cortana knows about you by making the relevant selections in Cortana’s Notebook, the Maps app, and in your Contacts. You will need to grant Microsoft’s digital assistant permission to use your email, messages, browser history, location, and microphone depending on your personal preference. Remember – the more she knows about you, the more effective she is.
Configure Continuum
By enabling tablet mode, you are able to swing from the traditional desktop to a touchscreen interface which will automatically turn itself on once you connect or disconnect a keyboard from your Windows tablet or hybrid. You can play around with these settings clicking on the Action Centre icon and pressing the Tablet Mode button, then selecting the Tablet Mode Settings option. The Action Centre icon looks like a word bubble in your system tray.
Multiply your Virtual Desktops
Windows 10 allows you to not only switch among apps a lot easier but it also you to keep multiple virtual desktops open by clicking on the multi-screen icon and pressing the Plus sign. The multi-screen icon is found next to the search box in the toolbar and the Plus sign is to the right of the taskbar.
Tap into your Mail App
Windows 10 has made vast improvements to their mail app by allowing users to add multiple mail accounts without much fuss. There is an email preview panel that has a collapsible conversation view. You can also add personal touches by altering the image in the preview pane with any picture you choose – instead of one that automatically pops up. Simply click on the icon in the lower –left hand side of the app and select options to personalise your email accounts.

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