Video Conferencing Made Easy With GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting has quickly become one of the favorite web tools for online meetings, sales demonstrations, webinars, and teleconferencing. It is a very flexible tool that can be utilised in any web browser and on most mobile devices.

Who Can Use GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is exceptionally convenient for businesses who have employees located all over the world. It has been built to provide a professional meeting solution and make collaboration simple, reliable and effective. It is a cost effective way to get all of the employees in one location for a meeting without having to pay to fly and relocate everyone to one place. It also works well for teachers with online classes so they can teach remotely, and similarly students can work together on projects anywhere, at anytime.

Features Offered by GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting offers three different plans – Starter, Pro and Plus. Each plan comes with its own benefits and special features so that you can select the plan that suits your needs. Some of the great features that are available include the ability to have a meeting on the spot, or schedule in advance. One-click meetings to present and collaborate with ease. Crystal clear audio and the option to share up to six high-definition video feeds. Hand over control so you can pass the keyboard and mouse control to any attendee. Drawing tools to direct attention while sharing your screen. One-click recording and playback and much more.

How to Use GoToMeeting

To use GoToMeeting you first download the software to your computer or mobile device. To set up your first meeting you can either click to start an instant meeting by right clicking on the daisy icon for GTM, or you can schedule a meeting and then send a link to everyone you want to be in attendance. When scheduling a meeting you can put in the subject, allow audio options, put the date and time, and set a password if you’d only like certain people to be able to attend. You can also set a recurring meeting by clicking on that check box so you don’t have to create a new meeting each time. There are many ways to use GoToMeeting and the user friendly software will walk you through setting up a meeting and allow you to get started right away.