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Savings With VoIP

Find out how much you can save with Revolutions VoIP Service.

If you have your average monthly spend with your current telecommunications provider, plug this in to our calculator along with your requirements and see how much you can save by moving to our VoIP service.


These are only estimates and finalised monthly charges will need to be confirmed.

  • When making decisions relating to your IT infrastructure, do it right the first time and eliminate future headaches!
  • Securing your data against viruses, destruction, theft and malfunction should be a top priority when designing your IT infrastructure. An adequate backup and disaster recovery solution is absolutely essential
  • Safeguard yourself against deleting or overwriting files. A recovery can be made within minutes and save you the hours it would take to recreate lost documents. Our disaster recovery solutions can restore important data to dissimilar hardware or a virtual environment
  • A firewall solution ensures that you are protected from cyber attack – and is essential for every business

VOIP Calculator

What is your average monthly spend with your current telco?
How many advertised/listed numbers do you have?
How many free call 0800/0508 numbers do you have?
How many extensions do you currently have/require?
Your fixed monthly bill could be as low as:
$0.00 + GST
Calling Costs - Please enter in minutes per month
Local Call Minutes
National Call Minutes
Mobile Call Minutes
Estimate of your current calling with Revolution VOIP rates:
Estimate of total monthly spend with Revolution VOIP:
Savings from your current telco if you join Revolution VOIP:
0% or Monthly Saving of $0.00

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