Why do I need IT support for my business?

We live in the 21st century, where technology is growing at an exponential rate and It’s extremely hard for companies to keep up with the technological advancements. As new technology gets implemented in a company, new problems are discovered. Without someone to help you fix these problems, you could be in big trouble.

While hiring an IT professional might solve your current problem, by hiring a firm that specialises in IT services you not only get the IT professional that you wanted but also a plethora of features along with it. Here are some of the reasons why you need IT support for your firm.

Reasons to get IT support:

Boost your ROI and save money: Getting your company an IT support department would be the best investment ever. While this does cost you money upfront, the amount of money you save over time will certainly outdo the initial costs and boosts your overall ROI.

With a dedicated IT support team onboard, you will no longer have to spend any extra money on fixing issues such as software failure, hardware malfunction, etc. Additionally, you pay a flat upfront payment and there will not be any hidden charges. Thus, saving you the money that you would have otherwise spent on these fixes.

Improve the overall security: With so much competition in the tech world, data security is the key to success. Your competitors might want to have access to all your data in order to create a better product. If this happens, it might spell disaster for your company. Additionally, loss of data is also a major concern.

With a dedicated IT service team, your data is constantly being monitored in order to avoid hacks. Additionally, all your company data is backed up on a secure server. Thus providing ultimate data security.

Provide the best possible services to your customers: No service or product in the market is defect free. Even the product that your company produces may face some issues in the future. While this is inevitable, having a dedicated team to fix all customer issues is the key to customer satisfaction.

With a dedicated tech support, each and every problem faced by customers are solved quickly. Keeping the customer happy is the only way to retain them and it also helps in getting the word out to attract new ones. Thus, boosting the overall revenue of your company.

Get well versed with new technologies: Technology is growing at an alarming rate. Only those who embrace these new technologies quickly are able to sustain their business. However, with a small team, you can soon lose track of everything and end up falling behind all your competitors.

With a dedicated IT team, you now have extra manpower to keep track of all the new technologies. Additionally, the IT team can also propose how a particular technology can be implemented in the companies infrastructure. Thus, helping you to be up to date with all innovative changes.

Spend more time developing new things: Every major technology company will face technical issues at least a few times a year. This breakdown can disrupt the current workflow and hence, getting it fixed would be a top priority.

With an IT company supporting your firm, you can forget about all these problems as they will be swiftly taken care of by the IT personnel. This will allow you to channelise your time into more important things like: improving the product/service, marketing, innovation of new products etc.

Increase the overall efficiency of your company: Being able to work efficiently is the key to success. With so many departments in a single company, being able to work together in an organised manner is very difficult. This just goes on to hurt the performance of the company. Communication between the various departments and the organisation of all the data/information is required to do this.

IT services provide the best possible solution to organise all your data in such a manner that each department will know the work being done by other departments. Thus, avoiding the event when two different teams do the same thing. By organising the data, it becomes very easy to access and retrieve the data as well.

Get tailor-made services based on your needs: It is very hard to find services that are tailor-made to meet your needs. However, IT services is an exception. The IT firms offer you extremely flexible services that are highly customisable to meet your needs.

The IT professional deployed to serve your firm will be selected from a pool of highly skilled professionals who have previously served many other successful firms. You can customise the way you want the IT service to function to meet your expectations. Thus, providing you full control.

Not just for big organisations: A common misconception is that IT services are meant for only the large organisations. However, IT services are an asset to a smaller organisation that doesn’t have a lot of manpower or many customers. Keeping the existing customers satisfied is the key to success for these organisations. Keeping all the existing customers happy by providing them with a quality product and support, will attract new customers to the platform. Thus, making IT services worth every penny.

With so many benefits associated with having dedicated IT support, the demand for these services is extremely high. Additionally, many companies have identified the demand in this field and are offering IT services for your venture. This market is so crowded that it is hard to choose any one particular organisation. With each service priced very competitively, you must see the service they offer and their previous reputation in this field. We have made this a whole lot easier by picking out one particular IT service provider whose services are well above any of the other organisations.

Revolution IT- The only IT support that you need:

When we use the word IT services, all we can think about is the tech support that is being offered. This is because all the other firms offer just that. Revolution IT, on the other hand, offers services that are completely unparalleled to what is currently being offered by others.

Revolution IT was founded in 1994 and they have over 15 years of experience, serving in the IT field. They offer an array of IT services ranging from IT support and maintenance to virtualisation and cloud computing. At the same time, these services that normally cost a lot, are moderately priced making them an ideal organisation for fulfilling your IT needs.

IT services provided by Revolution IT: What makes us the Best?

IT support and maintenance: Revolution IT provide you the best IT support that you might need. Not only do these professionals fix your problems quickly, but also maintain and monitor them regularly in order to avoid another such breakdown. Each and every person assigned to the job is a specialist and knows what he is doing.

With over 15 years of experience in providing IT services, they know the common reason for the occurrence of various problems in your organisation. Thus, they already know the fix that needs to be implemented as well. They provide extremely flexible support. They deploy professionals on-site to help problems locally. They also provide off-site virtual support. This ensures that your organisation gets support.

They also provide tech support to all your customers. By offering a dedicated support, you are able to please your existing customers and this will also help spread the word about the great quality of service that your company is offering them. Therefore, bringing in new customers.

Enhanced security: Data security is the most important part while running an organisation. Neither do you want your competitor to know a particular piece of information nor do you want to lose any data that you currently have in your possession? Revolution IT provides the best solution for both these problems. In order to prevent any hacks, your security system, both online and offline are enhanced.

They are also regularly monitored. Thus, making it impossible for anyone to steal sensitive information from you. In order to avoid loss of data, all your company’s data is regularly backed up and stored in a secure storage outside your organisation. In the unfortunate event of complete data loss, the entire data can be easily restored by using the backed up data. Thus, avoiding a huge loss for your organisation.

Cloud computing and virtualisation: As new technologies are developed, everyone wants to hop on the trend. Cloud computing and virtualisation are two such technologies that are very useful in today’s world. Both cloud computing and virtualisation provide users a better value for money. Using these technologies, you can rent and run your software on a secure, remote server without having to worry about the maintenance of the system and the space required to place the system.

This is advantageous to both small and large organisations as they get to use large computing power without needing to buy the hardware. This not only reduces the cost for running the system but also gets you 24×7 running service. Therefore, guareenting non-stop service.

Virtualisation helps you utilise all the resources available in a more efficient manner. Moreover, it reduces the risks involved in testing a software or an OS that you developed. By using virtual machines, you can test any software, OS, etc you want without having to worry about the damage it might cause if it was not properly built. If something does go wrong, it will affect your virtual device and no damage is done to your physical device. Therefore, virtualisation is an advantage to the entire software industry.

They provide you with four different virtualisation services. Server virtualisation allows you to utilise the full capability of the servers and also offers flexibility at the same time. Thus, helping with scaling the servers when needed. Storage virtualisation enables the IT managers to distribute the storage available more efficiently.

Network virtualisation helps the IT manager to distribute the bandwidth more efficiently and the desktop virtualisation helps you to access your desktop from any other device and also adds an extra layer of data security.

Both virtualisation and cloud computing technologies enable you to access your system from anywhere. Thus, reducing the need to have a larger office to accommodate the hardware. Thus, ultimately, saving you a lot of money.

Cloud storage: Revolution IT also provide you a cloud storage facility. Thereby eliminating the need for you to purchase expensive drives that are used to store data. Instead, by using cloud storage, not only is the data stored in highly secure data drives but is also available anywhere and at any time. Thus, saving you a lot of money and at the same time keeping your data secure. All the data that is important to your organisation is saved in the cloud. This cloud backup is available from any other device. Thus, helping you recover all this data if required, from any place.

IT Advisory service: Revolution IT has been providing IT services for the past 15 years. So far they have helped numerous organisations meet their IT needs. With such vast experience, they know how to provide the best possible services to you. They advise you about the various changes that you can implement in your organisation which in turn will help it function in a more efficient manner.

Additionally, they also keep you updated on the latest technologies out there and how you can implement them in your company. The IT advice that they provide is aimed at the betterment of your company

Disaster recovery plan: The best way to minimise the loss during a disaster is to be prepared to recover from one even before it hits. This is exactly what Revolution IT helps you with. Prior preparation to all the doomsday situations will be made by Revolution IT.

Hence, recovering from such a situation would not be very difficult. They provide an off-site storage facility that stores all your important data on a secure server. Thus, recovering all the data is easily done and the damages are set to a minimal.

VoIP: VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Every organisation requires a telephone connection in order to make calls. However, instead of using the traditional copper wires to communicate, you can use the internet to get better quality and faster connections. To put the icing on the cake, this will also cost you less than the existing telephone bill.

By using the VoIP solution provided by Revolution IT, you are ensured of getting the best quality service for your organisation. Additionally, they also provide a business grade internet service. Thus, providing a super fast internet to your company at a minimal price.

Hosted exchange email: Revolution IT have the largest share of the Microsoft exchange server. Hence, they provide the hosted exchange email service to their customers. These are hosted on the Microsoft exchange server. Therefore, they inherit all the benefits that come along with it, helping you by providing a very powerful email exchange service.

They also have a powerful anti-spam filter. This identifies any spam email sent to your hosted email and puts it in the spam folder so that you need not have to waste time in reading any unwanted email.

Microsoft 365 provider: Any organisation can use Microsoft’s Office suite for documentation purposes. However, this will once again cost money that needs to be paid every single year. As there is no other way around this problem, we are all forced to pay this amount. However, Revolution IT is also a Microsoft 365 provider as well. This means that you can use all these services at a heavily discounted price.

What more could one ask for from an IT support provider? They offer everything that is required in order to completely run your organisation virtually. Thus, opening the door to new opportunities for your venture. Even though they have outrun all their competitors by several miles, they still believe in complete customer satisfaction.

You can pay for their services and if you are not satisfied with the results in the early days, you can can get a refund within 30 days of your payment. This just goes to show the amount of dedication they have towards serving customers.


You might have your own company that is currently operating smoothly. However, you will have a day when something misfires and this can negatively impact the growth of the organisation. Only if you had chosen the best IT service provider, you could have avoided all of this. Even for smaller organisations, IT services help save as well as generate more revenue in the long run.

Now that you have decided to get IT services for your company, why compromise on the features? Instead of going for a separate IT support provider, a separate cloud computing provider and a separate telephone provider, go for Revolution IT and get all these services in one at a much lower price.